Creating Privacy through Landscaping

Create a private space with a dense row of evergreen trees or shrubs or by using arbor structures. With an outdoor privacy screen, you can add some much-needed privacy to your pool or hot tub. Maybe you’re seeking a private space for a backyard retreat or a patio, deck, or balcony.

A plant screen or “living wall” gives you personal space away from the view of neighbors and passersby. They also block unwanted views, help block wind, and reduce noise.


Growing Trends

Before you know it, the snow will be melting and it will be time to assess your backyard and begin planning your landscape for spring. You can really expand your home’s capacity by creating new living spaces in outdoor areas that are both easy to take care of and sustainable. From terraces, patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens; the sky is the limit. The current landscape and gardening trends are all about personalizing your outdoors space to suit your own tastes. Here are some popular trends to consider.

Outdoor kitchens continue to increase in popularity, from simple grills to fully-loaded kitchens to pizza ovens. Each designed space is unique and reflects your wants and needs.

Pavers are becoming the stylish and affordable alternative to natural stone or brick. Using pavers in patterns can create rug-like effects to help define outdoor areas.

If your landscape is lacking in dramatic effect, introducing a fire ring or outdoor fireplace could be that beautiful and bold gesture that will bring your outdoor space to life.

Enhance the beauty and serenity of your outdoor living space by incorporating a decorative water feature, such as a pondless waterfall.

Landscape lighting can help bring your new outdoor space to life at night. In addition, landscape lighting also improves safety by defining steps, edges of walkways, and pool decks.

Drought-tolerant plants have really become the norm in landscape design. This year, vibrant and exotic colors like bold blues, periwinkle purples and, celosia oranges, are the way to go.

Hopefully, these ideas were helpful as you begin planning your landscape projects for 2014. If you need help refining your ideas or developing a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs, give us a call at 612-382-3400.



A Look Back at the 2013 Season

Despite the late start from all the snow in April and the rain in May, we had a very successful year. With business on the books and customers eager to get their projects started, the crews were busy all season trying to make up for lost time.

To keep up with demand, we hired some additional crew members. Yancey Catlin, a reliable, hard worker who always has a positive attitude. Jason Ahlfs, a versatile team player, always ready to help wherever he is needed. Brady Starr, a quick learner who is always up for a challenge. Each of them has proved to be valuable employees and great additions to the team.

We continued to do work for Life Time Fitness this year, with numerous jobs throughout the metro. We hope to continue growing our relationship with the contacts we have made at Life Time Fitness and expand our commercial side.

Recently, the crews have been working on several new construction residential projects in a housing development. It is great to see new construction projects in the works, a sign the economy is heading in the right direction. It has been convenient having those jobs all so close together, while proving a little more challenging to keep all of the jobs straight in our heads and all the paperwork in order!

As the landscaping season is winding down, we are switching gears and getting ready for the snow. Our snow removal services focus mainly in the Waconia/Norwood Young America area. However, we were subcontracted for over a dozen properties in the Eden Prairie area as well.

The lingering winter may have set us back, but it didn’t slow us down! The long fall has allowed us to make up for time lost in the spring. We look forward to catching our breath and spending more time with our families over the next couple of weeks before we jump into a busy snow removal season. A busy year, without any serious injuries, is a reason to give thanks and celebrate. Happy holidays!


landscaping services

- Landscape Design
- Hardscape Design/Build
- Deck Design/Build
- Drainage Control
- Water Features
- Outdoor Lighting
- Snow & Ice Control

commercial landscaping

Represent your company brand with a professional image, inside and out. Every day your landscape presents a public image to visitors, clients, employees, and passersby. Our landscape team will create and maintain a professional and welcoming presence, all year around.

residential landscaping

Enjoy the outdoors, right in your own backyard. A well design landscape can increase the value of a home while providing a peaceful retreat and the ultimate place for entertaining family and friends. Our designers will help create the perfect outdoor living space specific to your needs.